In 2000, Kentucky Revised Statutes directed that county or planning-area water management councils be established to supersede earlier water supply councils earlier water supply councils.  These councils coherent with ADD boundary lines, initiated the creation of the Buffalo Trace Water Management Council. In partnership with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), the Buffalo Trace Water Management Council has developed a water management plan that maps and plans future water and wastewater facilities through coordinated development.  Maps and data are stored in the Water Resource Information System (WRIS). Utilizing GPS technology, ADD staff complete utility feature mapping and maintain “intelligent” databases of system assets.  These assets include water and gas meters, lift stations, tanks, master meters, grinder pumps, manholes, and many more items. We provide these services to utility systems that often do not have the resources to complete the feature mapping on their own.

BTADD Water Management Council Water & Sewer Prioritization Ranking Download PDF file HERE

  Water Resource Information System (WRIS) Geospatial DataWater Resource Information System (WRIS) Geospatial Data – Zipped in ESRI’s Shapefile format and projected to the Kentucky Single Zone Coordinate System.

  KIA Logo Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) Utility system information -Link to system data by District, County, City or permit name or number. This link can be used to access the web-based forms of the WRIS System database for water and wastewater treatment systems.