National Family Caregiver Support Program

The National Family Caregiver Support Program is a federally funded program providing services to primary unpaid caregivers who are assisting elderly or raising a grandchild.

Eligibility for Program is as follows:

The caregiver must be an adult family member or another individual who is the primary, unpaid provider of in-home or community care to an individual who is 60+ years of age –

OR A grandparent or other relative (by blood or marriage) who is 60+ years of age and who is parenting a child who is under the age of 18, due to the inability of the parent to do so.



Being a family caregiver is an act of love, but it can still be a difficult and frustrating endeavor. Like everyone else, family caregiver’s attempt to juggle work, family life, personal concerns, but additionally, they attend to the needs of the care recipient. Identifying and locating services can often be complex, and it can be time consuming and frustrating.

This balancing act requires both emotional energy, as well as time. Often, the caregiver gives so much time and energy to caregiving, there is little left to attend to their own wants and desires. . Recognizing the valuable contribution that family caregivers give to others, information, support, and training is needed to empower and enable the caregiver to keep on giving….. Services available through the NFCSP provide caregivers with the following:

* One-on-one assistance to caregivers to inform them about services and options available in the community and Information & Assistance regarding where help is available.

* Linkage to support groups to lessen the stress of care-giving.

* Counseling to enable the caregiver to identify and meet their caregiving needs.

* Short-term respite care to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved from their care-giving responsibilities for an older adult.

* Referrals to supplemental services such as Home Delivered Meals, Adult Day Care, Homecare Services, and other providers.

* Information or Training to groups or the community regarding the needs of caregivers

Kentucky Family Caregiver Program

The KY Caregiver Family Caregiver Program is state funded program providing support services and financial assistance for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. To be eligible Grandparents must reside in Kentucky and be the primary caregiver for a grandchild age 18 or younger. Grandparents of any age who meet financial guidelines and are not receiving Kinship Care can receive the assistance that includes:

* Information about services that are available

* Assistance in gaining access to services

* Individual counseling

* Support groups and Caregiver training


Financial assistance could be used to purchase:

* Clothing

* Respite assistance

* Educational supplies or assistance

* Required legal services

* Medical and Dental services

* Other services/expenses as authorized by the Cabinet

To qualify, grandparents must be related by blood, through marriage or adoption of parent and must be the primary caregiver. The child’s birth parent may not reside in the home. The grandparent must also meet a financial eligibility guideline.