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Bach, Dana – Community Development Specialist

Boone, Jennifer – PDS & SCL Waiver Coordinator

Burke, Donna – WIA Program Coordinator

Clark, Leah – PDS Service Advisor

Clements, Staci –  ADRC Coordinator

Culp, Stephen – Finance Officer

Dials, Denise – Workforce Director

Dodge, Kristie – Economic Development Director

Drury, Cathie – Family Caregiver Coordinator / Homecare and Title III Case Manager

Faulkner, Diana – PDS Service Advisor / SCL Case Manager

Faulkner, Jeremy – Business Services Representative

Gardner, Morgan – PDS Service Advisor

Green, Dena – Workforce Career Counselor

Griffin, Kaylee– PDS Service Advisor

Grooms, Amanda – District Long Term Care Ombudsman

Hall, Peggy – Workforce Career Counselor

Hall, Sharon – Workforce QC Coordinator

Hardy, Melissa – Transportation Planner

Hartley, Katrina – PDS Financial Specialist

Hickerson, Jackie – WIOA / Aging Financial Specialist

Huddleston, Amber – Benefits Coordinator / Bookkeeper

Jefferson, Laura – Infrastructure Development Manager

Kaezig, Chelsea – CDO Service Advisor / Case Manager

Kennedy, Amy – Executive Director

Lowe, Brittany – Receptionist

McKay, Victor – Career Center Resource Counselor

McKinniss, Kimberly – Homecare and Title III Case Manager

Padgett, Carla – Administrative Assistant

Ruark, Amanda – Loan Officer / Staff Accountant

Robinson, Ashley – PDS Service Advisor / SCL Case Manager

Sticklen, Whitney – PDS Service Advisor / SCL Case Manager

Tucker, Mary Sue – SHIP Coordinator / ADRC Specialist

Underwood, Brittany – PDS Service Advisor / SCL Case Manager

Ullery, Caroline – Aging Services Director

Wells, Kevin – GIS Specialist

Wilburn, Teresa – Workforce Administrative Assistant