The ADD assists city and county governments in establishing sound purchasing procedures and provides assistance with uniform financial reporting to counties, cities and special districts. The ADD also provides training and assists with special projects and reports.

The ADD has the role of providing technical assistance to local units of government in personnel and general administration. The work tasks related to personnel management include providing a management system that includes organizational structure, classification, compensation, fringe benefits, rules and regulations, and general management.

The ADD offers assistance in cash investment management and assists in preparing ordinances with occupational taxes.

Public Administration Services

The Buffalo Trace Area Development District provides technical assistance to local units of government in financial administration and related areas. The specific work tasks related to financial administration include maintaining an inventory of all city and county officials within their respective districts and maintaining an inventory of special districts.

The ADD additionally provides training programs for local officials, including members of legislative bodies, advisory bodies, sheriffs and deputies, jailers, and clerks.

For additional information on services offered, contact Finance Officer, Michael Thoroughman at 606/564-6894.

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Stephen Culp – Finance Officer

Kelly Hay – Assistant Finance Officer

Amber Huddleston – Benefits Coordinator

Amanda Reynolds – Loan Officer